Advanced Manufacturing

We help you select and source the right technologies to achieve demanding customer requirements. Then we train your team to install, integrate, and program the equipment so that your existing staff can support your new systems.

Our innovative Engineered Solutions can reduce costs while improving productivity, quality, and efficiency. Our engineers design versatile solutions to meet the unique requirements of your automation project and facility. Our advanced manufacturing solutions increase the availability and efficiency of machines and plants in highly regulated industries, such as the food, medical device, pharmaceutical, chemical and automotive industry.


When you partner with us, you will get customized engineered solutions.

  • Automation and robotics are rapidly finding their place in applications that are ergonomically difficult, repetitive, and sometimes hazardous for operators.
  • Integrating Automation systems with advanced sensors has helped successfully address workforce shortages and lack of skilled labor in various industries.

Industrial IOT

Our Automation engineers work the most efficient, cost-effective, and reliable Industrial IoT solutions.

We provide both robust sensors and I/O solutions with user-friendly software and services for reliably acquiring, processing and transferring relevant production data — from the sensor to the cloud.

Closed-Loop Control

Engineering Control Systems

  • Take Human Error Out of Your Process Control
  • Machine vision inspection with closed-loop control systems allow you to run at unimaginable speeds and have the confidence of manufacturing products of the utmost quality.
  • Vision Inspection Systems
  • Sensors

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