Industrial Cobotics

  • Cobotic systems are a great way to supplement your workforce, eliminate difficult jobs, solve jobs with repetitive motion injuries
  • Adding an automated cobotic system to a factory is an investment that has a quick return on investment. An automated cobotic system saves money, increases production, and creates higher-quality parts.
  • Increase your organizations efficiency with Industrial cobots or a turn-key cobotic work cell
  • Decrease Waste – Industrial cobots are precise, accurate, and consistent. Higher quality products are produced with an industrial cobots
  • Quick Return on Investment – Industrial cobots affordable and pay for themselves quickly due to their efficiency. Industrial cobots do not require breaks or leave time, so they work continuously and help diminish overhead.
  • Small Footprint – Industrial cobots can fit into tight spaces and can be installed on tables, rails, ceilings, walls, or pedestals.
  • Increased Throughput – Cycle time for parts is reduced since Industrial cobots perform precise movements at higher speeds
  • Improve Safety – Industrial cobots can take over redundant and hazardous tasks reducing your employee’s exposure to repetitive motion injuries, fumes, sparks, arc glare, or dust particles.

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